20/150: Project Update!


Sackboy and Flareon catch a Mew!

A while back, I purchased some beautiful pink Bernat Satin yarn. Three Full skeins for 6$ at the Sal Thrift Shop. For a long time I was unsure of what to do with this beautiful yarn. Then I found this pattern by Wolfdreamer and decided plushies are definitely the route to go. They need to be soft to snuggle, so why not use my satin yarn? I am addicted to this yarn now. It doesn’t agitate my eczema and it is so soft. This pink yarn was the perfect colour for Mew. My creation, as usual, turned out a little different than intended but I am happy with it.


I used a 4.5 mm hook, even though the yarn calls for 5-5.5 mm. I wanted a nice, tight stitch. I had issues sewing him together, but in the end I decided on this style instead of the original pattern. It matches my Flareon and it’s super cute. I used felt for the eyes, blue on white. Then sewed them on with regular thread.

I am addicted to making these plushies and soon I will get the hang of stitching them together. I can’t wait to make more and share them with you.


I hope this post inspired you to make some of your own items. If I inspire even one of you, I feel like I’ve done my work.

19/150: Hang in there

As I sit here at 5 am, pondering life and sipping my coffee, I notice the pink sky with the rising sun. “Pink sky at night is a sailor’s delight, Pink sky in the morning is a sailor’s warning“. My grandmother used to say that all the time. How true will this be today? I heard rumours about thunderstorms… I know it’s been a while since my last update, but that’s summer, unpredictable, especially around here.


My Guardian Angel

I had to take my son to an appointment the other day so we went to the park after. This little guy decided to keep us company the entire time we were there. When I was ready to leave, he did to. Dragonflies are spirits. Those we love who have passed on. I was very close to my grandmother, so I choose to believe she was watching over me. I’m inspired to make some dragonfly themed items. Any ideas?


We’ve had a break from the smoke for the last few days, so we took a trip out of town on Wednesday. We visited my husband’s grandparents and did some thrift shopping. We hit up 5 thrift shops in one corner of the city. It was a productive day, I got some really nice yarn for really cheap and my boys got to load up on toys.


Cool cloud on the way to Kelowna. Do you see the Bull?

This nearing Solar eclipse has inspired me so I’ve done some writing, when I’m brave enough, I will post it for you. I am building a website especially for my work. So hang in there.









I”m almost finished another project, hopefully it is posted by the end of the day. There are a few new projects on the horizon. I’m going to stock my collection for winter sales. Wish me luck.

Hopefully this little guy is sewn together today. I will excitedly share the result with you. He was so much fun to make!


Have a great day everyone. If you live in BC, stay out of the smoke and keep safe! Have a great Saturday!

18/150 : Another Project Completed

My apologies. I have been so busy this week and it has been so hot. The smoke is getting thicker and we finally had rainfall overnight. Barely enough to leave behind evidence. But my windows are open letting in the fresh air. So invigorating. I look forward to going for a walk later. My son wants to watch Cars 3 and it’s playing at our local theatre for 2$.


I did finish another project. Sackboy. It has been years since my kids played Little Big Planet. They absolutely loved it and I thought it was fun. Unfortunately, they broke their Playstation 3 and I refuse to buy a new one. They have computers, the best computers any kids their age could dream of.


All ready to be sewn together!

… But back on topic. I  was searching for some more inspiration and projects I have the colours for, and I came across Sackboy. So cute and cuddly. He was begging to be made. It took me a few days and combined approx 20 hours to complete. So much restarting… but I got it and he looks great. I can even make him costume. My husband suggested Batman. So when I finish my current project I will move on to that.

My husband is working all day today so I have some time to finish projects and clean up around here. I enjoy making these plushies and I look forward to sharing more with you. I hope to one day be sharing my own patterns with you since I know there are only a few places on the internet to find them.

Thank you for tuning in today. I will be back soon with more patterns and projects. I appreciate your continued support.


Have a great Sunday!

17/150: Quick Update


The smoke hasn’t settled. It’s actually worse. I have no news of the fire situation, just that it is hard to go out because the entire valley is shrouded in smoke. On the plus side, I have lots of time to crochet and sew. Though I haven’t completed anything yet.  Bear with me.

I’ve been inspired by lots of cool projects on Deviant art. I can read patterns of all sorts, know most of the basic stitches but in the end, I usually make my own pattern. I’m better at copying the picture then the written instructions. I bring this point up because I have been working on hats. A lot of people won’t post their patterns, or expect high prices. So, I just examine the product and figure it out myself. This sometimes works. Right now I’m frustrated at another Pokemon hat. Maybe I should take a break. Spiderman is in desperate need of surgery.


Spiderman survived surgery. Told my son to take good care of him. After I finished that, I started a new project that I am almost finished. A stuffed Flareon. He just needs his ears and fluff. I decided to try aphid777 pattern from Deviant Art. I’m impressed. It looks hard to follow but I got it worked up really fast and easy.  I have a lot of orange wool so I might as well use it up. Any other ideas for orange characters? Definitely a Charmander and Charizard in the future.


A few weeks ago our local Dollarama was selling Lego Dimensions sets. My son does not have the game but I bought them to play with. For 4$ it didn’t matter. He became curious about the game and I told him if  he was good, he might get it for Christmas. Well… last night my husband came home with the game. Well, our son is ecstatic and he loves it.

This was just a quick check in. I’ll be posting some finished projects soon.  Thanks for your support and see you soon!



16/150: 5am Ramblings

I’m sitting here at 5 am pondering life. It is still very smokey here, The sky is red this morning; and my hometown? Worse for the wear, still evacuated. The air quality here is so poor, I could barely breathe walking across the street to the gas station last night. A lot of people I know are suffering respiratory problems, myself included.


Clinton is the green dot, Vernon is the red dot. The circle is the fire radius.

Oh My God: yarn!


So, I crochet, bake and clean my house. I want to get some writing done but whenever I try, I draw a blank. Got one paragraph in last night before my husband was begging me to come to bed. But on the plus side, I got more yarn to finish more hats… and add to my stash. I love these colors and I was stoked that Walmart had a few, so I grabbed two and I’m so excited to add it to my collection. I have a large pile of yarn I’m saving for a huge project for myself. I love those Eevees… So I’m still bent on making an eevee blanket.  These Rainbow colors will be my background. I’ll order more online if I have too. Even though it’s more expensive and I have to pay shipping, it’s the price you pay living in a small town in western Canada.

Curious if anyone would actually purchase my stuff. I can’t sell anything in this small town. I have tried local buy and sells. Shipping in Canada is outrageous. I can make some pretty cool things (Pokemon hats!) that I am sure some people would love to buy. Hopefully I can get some stuff made to sell this winter, but in my small town customers are far and few between. That, or they expect you to give it to them for free or super cheap because you made it. Ugh, one day everyone will appreciate me talents.


Sorry for the rant. I am feeling uninspired lately and need to get the creative juices flowing.



15/150: More Smoke And Eevees

It’s been a smokey few days here, My hometown is burning. Ironically, after they were the only place able to help the evacuated communities around them. The smoke has drifted into our valley and even as far away as Vancouver. It means I get to crochet and craft a lot. But do I? Nah. I cleaned house, got the fans going, cleaned myself and my family up. Made some nice dinners. Since I finished the Flareon hat, I’ve lost my cro-jo.

I started a new project: Umbreon hat. I Frogged it, but I will start again when I get the chance. And the stuffing. I need some inspiration. I feel bogged down by all the projects I want to complete. I need to focus on one or two and move from there, I know. Easier said then done with all this yarn laying around.


I love these stuffed little guys. I found them on Deviant Art and I am so excited to try them. I can’t legally sell them, due to copyright laws (which are pretty ‘lax here, but I don’t wanna get in trouble!) But I’m sure they would make cute gifts and cute shelf stuffers.


L-R: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Eevee


My eevee collection is massive. I keep adding to it, much to my husbands dismay. (He collects Nerf Guns…) I bought socks a few months ago and as you can tell I get use of them. My toy collection is incomplete but I do not want to pay Toys R Us prices. So instead of spending money on stuffed animals/toys, I will make my own.  Unfortunately, I get incredibly dry hands from crocheting, so I may take a break and do some sewing.







It’s so hot, I’m literally baking to death in my house. So why not up the temperature a little more and actually bake something besides me? I made chocolate chip cookies and banana bread this week. I want to make some more goodies but I must wait until all these ones are gone.

I baked specifically because I was having a friend over for coffee. Unfortunately the banana bread was not ready but the cookies were. When she was here, she was telling me how she was learning to crochet and her 7 year old picked it up as well. I’m so excited to share this craft with a friend! Wine and Crochet on a Saturday night anyone?? Just proves you are never too old -or too young- to learn a new skill!



14/150: Flareon Hat


Vernon, BC, Canada

My husband is working today, so maybe I can get something done? I thought I would post a quick update to show off my Flareon hat. I finished last night and have started on the second half of the project. I might need to take a break because my son is begging me to finish his Link costume… he may have to wait till school starts again, so I have more time..

Back to the task at hand:

I’d say it looks a lot like a Flareon. His eyes ended up crooked, but given that this is only the second time I have done this, I’m proud of it. I didn’t use a pattern, I was inspired by pictures I found on Pintrest, and simulated what I saw. I used a basic crochet beanie pattern and added my own elements to it.

I’m excited to continue on to the rest of the project. Unfortunately, the only orange I could find is lighter than this one. I have a little left over I can weave into the new color to tie it all together. I’m excited to share it with you when it’s all done.


Thanks for checking in and thank you Spidey for being such a great model. Have a great Sunday! I hope I have inspired you to pick up your hook today and make something great!