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Crochet Projects

I took on a lot when I learned to crochet, committed to a lot of big projects and quite a few small ones. I will post pictures and some links to the patterns (if necessary).

Project #1: Leprechaun hats for St. Patty’s day.


My son loved this one. I got the pattern from bhookedcrochet.  St Patty’s day is always a special time in my house, not only cause my grandmother was Irish, but also because it was her birthday. She was very dear to me and played a huge hand in raising me. She is no longer with us, so her memory lives on in this tradition.

I crocheted “gold coins” and left them out in the hat for Lucky the Leprechaun. He took the coins and left us Kinder eggs. What a treat, and definitely a unique way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


Project #2: Iron Man Gloves


We love Marvel in our house and my kids love the Avengers. My 13 year old absolutely loves Iron Man, so for his birthday I found a simple pattern and whipped these puppies up in a night. He loved them, he even took an interest in learning to crochet.


Project #3: Captain America Blanket



I am not a fan of crocheting blankets. I have so many in my house from my mother, I prefer to invest my skills in things for my kids, like costumes or winter gear. That being said, when I saw this pattern I had to make it for my 6 year old. It isn’t very big but he says its perfect for his stuffies.


Project #4: Ninjago Easter Basket

My 6 year old is right into Ninjago, I have downloaded the entire series and he watches it back-to-back-back… So when Easter came around and I refused to pay for even the cheapest basket, I decided to make one. I turned out to be about 8 inches across. It was perfect size for the items we got him. Now, he uses it to carry his favourite toys around. Great job, mom!


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