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11/150: Pikachu, I choose you!


I attended a Pokemon themed birthday party for my son’s friend this past weekend. I was excited to share my PokeParty experience but I was sad that I never thought to make her something. It inspired me into another project. I decided to make a Pikachu hat for my son. I freehanded it so it isn’t perfect but I am so proud of how it turned out.





pikahat1For a base,  a simple hat pattern should suffice. I used yellow Bernat Yarn I got from the Sally Ann for 2$ and a 5mm hook. I made a bucket hat and added ear flaps.





To make the Pikachu ears, I made a magic ring, and increased in 8’s to 16 and made rows till I found a suitable length. A total of 23 rows (6 black, 16 yellow) I stuffed them with stuffing and sewed them on last.




For the eyes I made 2 black circles, 2 smaller white circles and sewed them together. The cheeks were a 2 red circles. I sewed them on after embroidering the nose.





I am very proud of this Pikachu hat. It’s the second biggest hat project I have taken on (Pirate hat is #1). I am excited to make many more character hats and share them with you.



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