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12/150: Random Musings

Mountains of Lumby
Beautiful Mountain Between Vernon and Lumby, BC  07.21.17

Here we are. Another day. It’s a beautiful day. Not so smokey here today. Those wildfires are burning still, and I pray for everyone’s safety. My family is right in the midst of it. It’s been so hot here, with the fires burning and no rain for almost 2 months. It rained a little bit in the last few days, but not nearly enough to help.


I’ve been absent a while. My husband needed some serious dental work. It doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on stuff. I started a Ninjago toque for my son. It’s way too big, but it’s almost finished so too bad.

Evangelion Unit 01. C2C perhaps?


I have planned out some projects that will be long and costly. I promised myself I wouldn’t take on any blankets. I’m impatient and I like quick projects, but everyone in my house wants something, so blankets it is. Just in time for Christmas…. I am planning patterns and deciding what stitches to do. My son loves Ninjago so I am planning an ambitious pattern for him and my husband wants me to try something from Evangelion. Me? I love Pokemon.

The Eeveelutions. Great Blanket Idea perhaps?


Lego Jet

I began sewing my son’s apron. I rearranged my bedroom to better suit my sewing needs, but then what happened? My husband now thinks my sewing table is a storage spot for his legos. Yes, my husband plays with legos. He and our 6 year old get along great.

He builds to keep his mind busy. Much like I crochet. I would call him a “Master Builder” because that jet is all free hand and he used whatever lego pieces were in the bin. We have a store in town where we can go buy bulk lego, so he’s pretty excited about that.








My flower now has a buddy, it is growing fast and strong. I need to buy a bigger pot for it. I’m afraid I might kill it if I move it.








I will keep you updated on my projects and my progress. Have a great weekend and stay safe and creative!


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