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15/150: More Smoke And Eevees

It’s been a smokey few days here, My hometown is burning. Ironically, after they were the only place able to help the evacuated communities around them. The smoke has drifted into our valley and even as far away as Vancouver. It means I get to crochet and craft a lot. But do I? Nah. I cleaned house, got the fans going, cleaned myself and my family up. Made some nice dinners. Since I finished the Flareon hat, I’ve lost my cro-jo.

I started a new project: Umbreon hat. I Frogged it, but I will start again when I get the chance. And the stuffing. I need some inspiration. I feel bogged down by all the projects I want to complete. I need to focus on one or two and move from there, I know. Easier said then done with all this yarn laying around.


I love these stuffed little guys. I found them on Deviant Art and I am so excited to try them. I can’t legally sell them, due to copyright laws (which are pretty ‘lax here, but I don’t wanna get in trouble!) But I’m sure they would make cute gifts and cute shelf stuffers.

L-R: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Eevee


My eevee collection is massive. I keep adding to it, much to my husbands dismay. (He collects Nerf Guns…) I bought socks a few months ago and as you can tell I get use of them. My toy collection is incomplete but I do not want to pay Toys R Us prices. So instead of spending money on stuffed animals/toys, I will make my own. ¬†Unfortunately, I get incredibly dry hands from crocheting, so I may take a break and do some sewing.







It’s so hot, I’m literally baking to death in my house. So why not up the temperature a little more and actually bake something besides me? I made chocolate chip cookies and banana bread this week. I want to make some more goodies but I must wait until all these ones are gone.

I baked specifically because I was having a friend over for coffee. Unfortunately the banana bread was not ready but the cookies were. When she was here, she was telling me how she was learning to crochet and her 7 year old picked it up as well. I’m so excited to share this craft with a friend! Wine and Crochet on a Saturday night anyone?? Just proves you are never too old -or too young- to learn a new skill!




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