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16/150: 5am Ramblings

I’m sitting here at 5 am pondering life. It is still very smokey here, The sky is red this morning; and my hometown? Worse for the wear, still evacuated. The air quality here is so poor, I could barely breathe walking across the street to the gas station last night. A lot of people I know are suffering respiratory problems, myself included.

Clinton is the green dot, Vernon is the red dot. The circle is the fire radius.

Oh My God: yarn!


So, I crochet, bake and clean my house. I want to get some writing done but whenever I try, I draw a blank. Got one paragraph in last night before my husband was begging me to come to bed. But on the plus side, I got more yarn to finish more hats… and add to my stash. I love these colors and I was stoked that Walmart had a few, so I grabbed two and I’m so excited to add it to my collection. I have a large pile of yarn I’m saving for a huge project for myself. I love those Eevees… So I’m still bent on making an eevee blanket.  These Rainbow colors will be my background. I’ll order more online if I have too. Even though it’s more expensive and I have to pay shipping, it’s the price you pay living in a small town in western Canada.

Curious if anyone would actually purchase my stuff. I can’t sell anything in this small town. I have tried local buy and sells. Shipping in Canada is outrageous. I can make some pretty cool things (Pokemon hats!) that I am sure some people would love to buy. Hopefully I can get some stuff made to sell this winter, but in my small town customers are far and few between. That, or they expect you to give it to them for free or super cheap because you made it. Ugh, one day everyone will appreciate me talents.


Sorry for the rant. I am feeling uninspired lately and need to get the creative juices flowing.




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