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17/150: Quick Update


The smoke hasn’t settled. It’s actually worse. I have no news of the fire situation, just that it is hard to go out because the entire valley is shrouded in smoke. On the plus side, I have lots of time to crochet and sew. Though I haven’t completed anything yet.  Bear with me.

I’ve been inspired by lots of cool projects on Deviant art. I can read patterns of all sorts, know most of the basic stitches but in the end, I usually make my own pattern. I’m better at copying the picture then the written instructions. I bring this point up because I have been working on hats. A lot of people won’t post their patterns, or expect high prices. So, I just examine the product and figure it out myself. This sometimes works. Right now I’m frustrated at another Pokemon hat. Maybe I should take a break. Spiderman is in desperate need of surgery.


Spiderman survived surgery. Told my son to take good care of him. After I finished that, I started a new project that I am almost finished. A stuffed Flareon. He just needs his ears and fluff. I decided to try aphid777 pattern from Deviant Art. I’m impressed. It looks hard to follow but I got it worked up really fast and easy.  I have a lot of orange wool so I might as well use it up. Any other ideas for orange characters? Definitely a Charmander and Charizard in the future.


A few weeks ago our local Dollarama was selling Lego Dimensions sets. My son does not have the game but I bought them to play with. For 4$ it didn’t matter. He became curious about the game and I told him if  he was good, he might get it for Christmas. Well… last night my husband came home with the game. Well, our son is ecstatic and he loves it.

This was just a quick check in. I’ll be posting some finished projects soon.  Thanks for your support and see you soon!




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