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28/150: Prospects

Since my hands are on the mend and I can’t comfortably crochet, I’ve decided to devise a list of 5 projects I hope to accomplish by the new year.

1.  Jolteon

img src: aphid777.deviantart

Jolteon and Glaceon are my favorite Eeveelutions. I have yet to make either of them, due to lack of needed colors in my stash (and at the local Walmart). There are a few patterns I have found.


img src: deviantart

2. Charizard

This has got to be my all time favorite pokemon. He carried me throught he first 3 gameboy games. This is a pattern for mega charizard Y.



3. Something for myself

This is unclear. I would like a top or a skirt. I have a few patterns I am anxious to try. Maybe a corset tank top, a scarf and gloves set; I desperately need a headscarf or headband to tame my hair. Maybe a a nice warm poncho to curl up with.




4. Ninjago winter set


img src: Pinterest

My 8 year old is very excited about the release of the Ninjago movie this weekend. He got invited to a party at the movie theater. This project is a surprise for him, the sooner it is done, the better.


5. Ninjago Kai doll

Lego Doll
img src: littlehouseincolorado


Inspired by this lego guy pattern, I felt the need to make a Ninjago doll. I would like to make all of them, I think my son would really like that.


6. Household items

This is actually something I should be right on. I am slowly running out of dish cloths and pot holders. I could benefit from a few coasters and table runners around the house.  I would love to play more with Crochet Thread. I have an enormous collection I hope to utilize for household items, jewlery/crafts and some clothing items.


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