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42/150: Free Pattern Friday



If you love to crochet, love to make amigurumi and you are as big a fan of anime and video games as I am, this list is for you. I’ve found some free patterns I want to try and want to share with you. In the future it will be my own patterns but until then, enjoy browsing and happy creating!


Captain Underpants by Kristen Lewis


I found this pattern well after I made the Captain Underpants for my son. I like this pattern, it looks very authentic. I want to use it to make a larger, more interactive Captain Underpants for my son. What about George and Harold? I guess since no one has made a pattern for them, it’s my time to shine!

Superman Applique by Roaming Pixies


Who doesn’t love Superman? Tall, dark, handsome. Always there to swoop in and save Lois Lane at the last-minute. Now you can make your own Superman Logo and your little boy can save the day!

Gomamon by 1up Crochet


Oooh Digimon! My childhood favorite. Gomamon was definitely one of my favorites. Sweet,cute and full of sarcasm. I plan on making all the Digidestined Digimon. I’ll start here.

Agumon by Gundam Wing Girl

Another Digimon? Yes! I believe I have shared this pattern before, but I wanted to add it to my list anyway. I love Agumon, he’s definitely number one, even before Gomamon! I want to make this guy to add to my dinosaur collection!

Bowser by Epic yarns


Super Mario, anyone? This big bad dinosaur is very popular in my house. My husband has been begging me to make a Bowser, and I came across this pattern. I have all the materials, but I lack the time, since I’m so backed up on requests.

USS Enterprise  by Andrea Bruce on Ravelry



Of course there’s a Star Trek pattern on this list, how could I resist? Imagine a Star Trek fan like myself coming across this pattern? I am so excited to make this version of the Enterprise, I even have plans to make the whole crew to go with! If you love Star Trek and love to crochet, I suggest you make one of these!

Charizard by Epic Yarns


If you love Pokemon, try this pattern! It was one of the first patterns I saved, but I have not felt confident enough to try it. Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon and I can’t wait to make a large size one to have around the house. Party with Charizard and Bowser, anyone?

Toon Link by Nerdigurumi

I really wanted to make one of these for my teenager, his birthday is coming up on the 3rd of April. I got through the head and body before it was time to leave to see him. I will finish it soon and send it to him.


I hope you liked these patterns! Images of completed projects belong to their respective owners and are featured here for demonstration purposes only. Please make sure to credit the original creators if you should use and share your creations!


Happy crocheting!


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