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56/150: Man Oh Man


For Zelda Madness, I was intending on making a Link doll. I had to figure out what form I wanted to use. There are lots of doll patterns out there. I browsed the net looking for a doll style that I liked. This is what I came up with. His legs are too short and his arms are too long. His torso is too big as well. All flaws I plan on fixing when I go back to make another one.





p_20180527_125201.jpgThe doll never did become Link. Instead, it sits naked and faceless on my table waiting to be dressed up.  However, I managed to pile up a few projects since then, so we will see how long it takes me to get around to that. This is a project I definitely can’t wait to share the pattern for.

I’m playing around with getting the nose right. I know it’s easy to make separate and sew it on, but I love a challenge. Instead of making a bunch of separate pieces and sewing them together, I decided to crochet it all together as I went along.


Shh… It’s a secret….

While I was working on this, I got inspiration for another project. It’s a secret and I will share it with you on Free Pattern Friday (hopefully this week).


I know it’s a short piece, but I wanted to get something up for you guys this week. I have been busy writing short stories and will eventually make a site for you guys to read them! On top of that, there’s the usual: Life.


Happy crocheting!

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55/150: Happy Free Pattern Friday!

Calgary city center.

Hello there everyone! How are you all doing? I know my posts are few and far between, but that just means I’m working on projects! I finished quite a few lately. We’ve also been out and about enjoying the weather. We visited the Aviation Museum last week and found a beautiful park with a breath-taking view of the city. We were going to take a trip to Drumheller, AB this weekend but it’s pouring rain and my hubby has to work Saturday. We will go next weekend or the weekend after, I suppose.

Unicorn Family
Unicorn Family. Sorry for the crappy pic…

I’m addicted to making those cute little unicorns! I made a smaller version for the baby unicorns. The pattern available from Hooks & Dragons was a scaled down version of a another pattern. For you, I have scaled it down even more! Today I present you with that pattern.


Baby Unicorn Pattern

Skill level: Easy – Basic knowledge of crochet terms and amigurumi (and how to assemble) is required

*= repeat around

sc = single crochet

ch = chain

inc = increase

( ) = amount of stitches you should have end of row


Isn’t she just so cute??


sc6 in Magic Ring (6)

inc* (12)

sc1, inc* (18)

sc2, inc* (24)

sc3, inc* (30)

sc around 2x (30)

sc4, inc* (36)

sc around 2x (36)

sc4, dec* (30)

sc around 4x (30)

sc3, dec* (24)

sc around (24)

sc2, dec* (18)

sc around (18)

sc1, dec* (12)

dec* (6)



sc 6 in Magic Ring (6)

inc* (12)

sc1, inc* (18)

sc2, inc* (24)

sc around (24)

sc3, inc* (30)

sc around 2x (30)

sc4, inc* (36)

sc around 7x (36)

sc4, dec* (30)

sc around (30)

sc3, dec* (24)

sc around 2x (18)

sc2, dec* (12)

sc around 3x (12)


Ears (make 2)

sc6 in Magic Ring (6)

sc around (6)

sc1, inc* (9)

(change color)

sc around 2x (9)

sc1, dec* (6)

sc around (6)


sc4 in Magic Ring (4)

sc1, inc* (6)

sc2, inc* (8)

sc around (8)

sc3, inc* (10)

sc around 2x (10)


Legs (make 4)

sc5 in Magic Ring (5)

inc* (10)

sc1, inc* (15)

sc around 3x (15)

(change color)

sc around (15)

sc13, dec (14)

sc5, dec* (12)

sc around 2x (12)

sc4, dec* (10)

sc around 2x

Stuff and close by sc5 across the top (5). Alternately, you can sew it shut, I used both methods when making my unicorns.

Tail Squiggles (make 6)

Ch 18, turn, sc4 in each sc to the end of the chain. The tail will curl on it’s own as you go.

You can alter this portion to fit the length you desire. For my baby unicorn I did a chain of 15 instead.  Be creative and have fun!


For the hair, cut desired colors to the length you want and attach them at the back of the head. Here is a short tutorial from the Friendly Red Fox on how to do so! Hooks & Dragons also offers a brief description of how to do so.


As usual, I needlefelted the eyes, but alternately you can embroider onto the face or crochet some to sew on.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes. The pattern for the legs may not be accurate, so please let me know if you made any corrections and how it turned out!

Have fun and make lots of babies! 😉

As always,

Happy crocheting!

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54/150: Stash buster Sunday



I have so much yarn. But most of it is half skeins. Not enough for full projects. I can make a few small projects, little amigurumi, doilies and placemats. I plan on using up this stash so I have an excuse to go shopping for yarn. My husband, of course, doesn’t think I need any more yarn, but like every crochet addict: I don’t have enough for the project I’m working on. No where in that large stash is enough of the color I need.

So I have been trying to find projects that use little to no yarn. I settled on unicorns. They can be any color, especially rainbow. I found a really easy to follow pattern for a cute little unicorn and went to town. I plan on making a few and then moving onto to more amigurimi rainbow animals.

Meet my pet Unicorn!


Isn’t she adorable? I have so much of the white variegated yarn. I didn’t know what to do with it, but I knew the day I got it that it was going to be unicorn themed. I want to add a ribbon around her neck, but I don’t have the right color (of course!). So that’s something else going on my craft list! I needle felted the eyes for a softer, cartoony look. I also made the tail “squiggles” longer then the pattern called for. It helps her sit up easier.


My son says it looks like a zebra. I guess it does. I made another one with blue multi colored yarn. I figured my rainbow unicorn needed a buddy.  I love the blue colors so I figured I’d go with it. They are so simple to make really easy to sew together. The hair isn’t hard, just time consuming. I would say this project is a good stash buster.


Please excuse the blurry pictures and messy background! My kitchen table is also my crafting table. It’s usually one giant mess.


If you love this little guy and want to make your own, head on over to Hooks & Dragons for the free pattern!

Mr & Mrs Unicorn need some babies now!


As always, Happy Crocheting!

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53/150: Wrapping up Zelda Madness

Zelda Madness comes to close

But no need to worry, Zelda projects will still be abound!

I know I haven’t been posting my progress. But I did make quite a few Zelda themed projects. I tried keeping my progress in a journal on here, but I didn’t have access to my computer a lot of the time. With the weather getting nicer, I find myself not using it as much. That or my kid has hijacked it.

Project 1: Majora’s Mask (complete)


I always wanted to make one of these. It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. This isn’t a very detailed version. I made it for my teenager and slapped on a keychain. I figured he could put it on his backpack or hang it in his room. The red and black is needle felted. I have a larger shape in progress that will have more detail when finished.


Project 2: Zelda Bags (complete)



I made all these creations and I needed something to put them in! I delivered all these goodies to my son in a nifty little drawstring bag. I made it on the fly. It took about 15 minutes. It’s bigger than it looks. I made a second one for my other son. He uses it to carry the iPad when we go away. I want to make more themed bags for lunches and storage!

Project 3: Ocarina of Time (complete)

Pattern available here

Can’t be Zelda with out the Ocarina! this was so simple. I embroidered the Triforce upside down but it turned out ok otherwise. I made a smaller one and put it on a keychain for my teenager.


Project 4: Navi the Fairy (complete)


“Hey, listen!”

If you ever played Ocarina of Time, you will understand just how annoying this little blue fairy can be! I figured it would be easy enough to make one. You can find the pattern here.  I made a smaller one and put it on a keychain. I love making keychains. This could become a thing…


Project 5: Guardian (incomplete)


The first project I started and it still sits unfinished. I was stumped on the legs. Pipecleaners failed and I don’t have any wire. Need to work that into the budget next craft store trip.


Thank you for bearing with me though this. I want to try to post more, but life has gotten a bit busier since the nice weather hit. That and my computer needs to be fixed. My hubby keeps saying he’ll look at it… but he’s decided to build himself a new computer and make me a new one with his old parts so that will be a few weeks yet.

I’ll be back with more projects soon!


Happy Crocheting!

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52/150: WIP Wednesday: Zelda Madness Edition

Happy Goku Day!


Before we get started, let me take a few moments out of my (birth)day to mention Goku Day! I didn’t make anything. I wanted to make some dragonballs but I couldn’t find the right colors. I don’t have too much to say on the subject but I will leave this link incase you want to know more!


Zelda Madness Continues…

Sorry for lack of updates. My youngest and I have been super busy learning the transit system in Calgary. I’m getting tired of sitting home all day and now that the weather is nicer I am itching to get out. We went to a Toys R Us mini event. They had a scavenger hunt and my son got some free Legos. They were celebrating the release of the new Avengers movie.

Well, today is my birthday.  The weather is cold and wet. So I put on pants and went to work crocheting. Being alone all day is hard, but for the last 2 days I have been working on Projects for Zelda Madness. They aren’t exactly WIPs anymore.

Ocarina of Time: view the pattern here

I started with an Ocarina. The pattern I found was simple to follow. I needle felted the “holes” and embroidered the Triforce. The whole project took me less than 2 days.

Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask

My oldest just finished playing through the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. So in light of Zelda Madness, I decided to try my hand at making Majora’s Mask! I found a pattern for an amigurumi heart and altered it to fit my project (original pattern can be found here).

I started it on Monday and finished it this morning. I needle felted the red. I was going to crochet it, but it was too bulky. I sewed on all the pieces except the key chain then did my felting.


I want to give it to my teenager. He can hang it in his room or on his backpack.



That’s all for today! Happy crocheting!





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51/150: Free Pattern Friday May the 4th be with you edition

img src:

Happy Star Wars day! I’m taking a break from Zelda Madness to bring you this Star Wars Day post.  Do you watch Star Wars? Have you seen the new ones? I haven’t. I’ve never really been a Star Wars fan, even though I am a sci-fi fanatic and I really do like the story. I just can’t get through the movies.

I was going to make something to celebrate, but I just didn’t have time between working on other projects, and being a mom. Instead, I collected a group of free patterns for you to try yourself!


I see these little guys everywhere. They have just plastered them all over merchandise (to my understanding, they are barely in the movie, or are irritating)




darthvader Darth Vader

C’mon…! Who doesn’t love Darth Vader? Make your very own!






PrincessLeiaInspiredBabyBeanieFreeCrochetPattern1 Princess Leia Beanie

Gotta little girl who loves Star Wars? Do you? Make a Leia beanie for you or anyone else who wants to pretend to be the brave, steadfast princess!






ewok-amigurumi-pattern00-237x237 Ewok







These little robots are always loveable. Make one for yourself or a friend.








lampmode Mini R2D2 Lamp


This one is super cool. I suggest you try it. I don’t care for Star Wars but i might just have to make this one!






Happy Crocheting and May the Fourth be with you!

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50/150: Yarn Tales Tuesday

Red Heart SS vs Impeccable: Who Will Win?

A Love-Hate Relationship with Red Heart Super Saver

I’ve been working a lot with Red Heart Super Saver yarn for my amigurumi projects. It’s easy to find, it’s a good price and the finished product doesn’t look too bad. For a long time I didn’t care about the different types of yarn or where I bought it. The only place that had yarn where I used to live was *drumroll please…*  Walmart. The Michael’s was one town over and to be truthful, I had never been in one til I moved to Calgary.

imgsrc: American Yarns

The RHSS is quite rough. It’s quite inconsistent. I found lots of knots and frays. Some patches were just thinner for no reason at all. I can deal with it being rough, but the inconsistencies in the quality is almost unforgivable.  It is ok to work with, it doesn’t split and it’s not too hard to frog. I will still buy this yarn, but ultimately you get what you pay for. I am experimenting now with other brands.


Imgsrc: Michael’s

I recently purchased Impeccable, the Michael’s brand yarn.  It’s affordable and it’s almost always on sale for a super-great deal. The color selection is half decent, they almost always have the color I need. I made a few plushies with it and I am quite impressed. I had read many awful reviews of it, but I actually found it quite pleasant to work with and my projects turned out great!

This little critter was made with Blue Impeccable yarn

My hook grabbed it easily, it didn’t split on me and it was easy to frog. The thickness is good and it took really well to the needlefelting. It wasn’t rough on my hands like the RHSS. I got little to no rash from it. I would reccomend this yarn if you live near a Michael’s.

…And The Winner Is…..

Between the 2, I would have to pick Impeccable for my projects. It just works up so much cleaner. I know many may disagree so let me know what you think.

Which do you prefer? Have you used Impeccable? Was your experience good or bad?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.




Happy Crocheting!