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49/150: The Zelda Project

Zelda Madness

Here we are, back to Zelda, again. My son absolutely loves the games. We recently bought him Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. He just can’t seem to get enough of it.  It has inspired me to revisit the Zelda items on my to do list. I began crocheting him a Toon Link tunic. I’m about 50% done. He has a list of requests a mile long. One at a time.

img source:

I’ve decided May will be focused mostly on completing my Zelda requests. I want to make some dolls, some gloves, maybe a new hat for him (maybe this time with pointed ears!). I want to make a few panels for my Legend of Zelda blanket. Don’t forget the placemats to go with the coasters.


Remember Deku Link? I gave him to my oldest son as an early birthday gift last time I saw him. He was so much fun to make. Very easy. The pattern was simple to follow and I vowed to make another one for my other son.

LOZ Fabric
My stash of Zelda Fabric

I also have some yardage of Zelda fabric. I may need to make something out of it. A pillow, another apron? Some hot pads would be ideal, but I need to make a trip to Michael’s before I make those. The Etsy shop I purchased it from still has it in stock. I may have to purchase more. She is located right here in Calgary so I can just pick it up and save on shipping!

Here’s a sneak peek of the tunic. It will be Toon Link, so the sleeves will be light green. It will wear more like a sweater, so I don’t know how much use he will get out of it this summer.  I’m using Red Heart SS in Paddy Green. I was unsure if I would be able to find the color, since they didn’t have it at Michael’s. Lo and Behold! Walmart came to the rescue. I ended up buying Hunter Green from Michael’s anyway. It will come in handy  with all this Zelda Madness!

Toon Link

More Graphs

My project this morning was testing a small graph using single crochet. My graph on the paper is 19×19. The result was a nice coaster sized image. The coaster is 20x20sc after the border (approx. 4″). I used a 4.0mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Hunter Green and Yellow.


My result should have been three solid yellow triangles, but I opted for the outline look. I plan on trying more. The next Triforce will be filled in, though. I’m going to dig up some other graphs that are approximately the same size and see what I can create!

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned as Zelda Madness takes off! Check back often for more fun!


Happy Crocheting!

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48/150: May Day! May Day!

I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to today. I worked a little on my son’s crochet tunic. Unfortunately, I had too many errands to run, and they still aren’t finished. I’m just taking a break and having some Peppermint Tea before I finish off my day. The day is not over yet. I still plan in starting my next Zelda project before I go to bed.

Happy Birthday Tooter!


This is Tooter. His birthday was April 17 [b. 2002]. My son insisted we celebrate this special day. He asked me to make cupcakes, and when I agreed he said, “No mom, Yarn cupcakes”. I made 6 cupcakes and he had a party for Tooter, and for dessert we actually had cake and ice cream.

Cupcake pattern found here: Repeat Crafter Me

Trekkie Madness!

I’m still bummed I didn’t take the chance to meet Wil Wheaton and Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager). But some things just aren’t worth the money. So, in honor of them, here is a preview of my Star Trek Dress.

I pinned all the pattern pieces one day, then gathered the courage to cut the next day. I’m nervous about how it’s going to turn out. The sizing is strange. I’m pretty much in the middle of 2 sizes, so I’m going with the bigger one. This is just a learning experience. It’s cheap fabric, so I’m not anxious about it not turning out.

I’ve started sewing the top front pieces together.  I’m not surprised at how little I know about this process. This is my learning experience. I’m excited to get better and make more dresses in the future.



I hope you all had a productive weekend. I know Mondays suck. I’m slow and overtired today. I will be updating soon.

Happy Monday and Happy crocheting!

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47/150: Ramblin’s and Shenanigans

Zelda Madness – May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018


As it is May 1st, Zelda Madness has officially begun! I have just made this up. The entire month of May I will be focusing on mostly Zelda themed items. It may not be all I make, but a big part of all my projects this month. I plan on finishing a few coaster/placemat sets, 2-4 amigurumi, some cosplay items and maybe a panel or two for my blanket. I will be sharing every step of this journey with you guys and hopefully learning new things together!

This journey is not just about crochet. I hope to sew some stuff and maybe even bake some themed cookies!

Goku Day – May 9

Yes, it is Zelda Madness but I need to take a day to honor the coolest anime and it’s hero, Goku of Dragonball Z. This show was a huge part of my younger years. I also need to acknowledge that this day is also MY birthday. How cool is that? My favorite anime hero gets honored on my birthday. I was super excited about this, even though I already know there is another character (Piccolo) that is born on May 9.

Goku and Piccolo
Piccolo (back) & Goku (front)

So to honor this fabulous day, I hope to make at least one DBZ themed item. Some Dragonballs, our hero Goku, perhaps? So many ideas!

Mother’s Day – May 13

What’s your favorite flower? [imgsrc: DutchGrown]
How are you spending Mother’s Day? I will most likely spoil myself. Make pancakes, then have a steak dinner (homemade of course!). It’s tradition for me to double spoil myself because my birthday always falls on or around Mother’s Day. It’s the only time of the year when I feel like I deserve it. (I don’t even feel that strongly about Christmas!)

White and purple blossoms of an Orchid (lat. Phalaenopsis)
Beautiful orchids. [imgsrc:]
What’s your favorite flower? I love Orchids, Tulips and Tiger Lilys. All flowers are so pretty, it’s hard to choose. How often do you get flowers? Do you get them as a gift, or do you pick/buy your own? My hubby doesn’t buy me a flower unless it’s in a pot. He thinks its a waste of money to buy cut flowers. I actually agree. Sadly, I don’t have a place with a lot of light, so they don’t live very long.

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lilies. Such a gorgeous flower! [imgsrc: ebay]
I hope to soon have a place with decent lighting evenutally so I can grow flowers. I had to give away my son’s mother’s day flower that he gave me last year when we moved. My friend’s mother took it. I haven’t asked how it’s doing. I do feel quite awful, but it would have died during the move anyway, it was so cold that week.


Thank for visiting! That is my week’s ramblings. I hope you join me again soon!


As Always,

Happy Crocheting!

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46/150: 1 new stitch at a time: The Block Stitch

The Block Stitch

Scroll down for a tutorial on how to do the block stitch


I tried a new stitch last week. The block stitch. I figured it would be a good alternative to C2C for graphghans. My first attempt at an actual Graph turned out well. There is quite a few mistakes and missed stitches. I plan on perfecting it so it looks better next time. This particular project took me 3 days to tackle. Two days of crocheting and 1 day of weaving in ends and doing the border. I plan on making more and sewing them together to make a blanket. This pattern is 21×20 squares. The other Eevee patterns are bigger, so I want to adjust them so they are all roughly the same size.


I used Bernat Pop! for the background. The grey is from the Pop roll as well. It’s a cake type yarn so it is best for large projects where you will see the color change. As you can see, the pink chunk was almost enough for this entire square. I plan on continuing with the same Pop roll. The yellow, black and white are Bernat Premium. It’s thinner than the Bernat Pop, so that also makes my project look funny, I should have doubled the yarn to compensate.

The POP rolls I’m working from

I liked working with the Bernat Pop. It’s soft, and it has a good thickness to it. It has good elasticity to it as well. Unfortunately, my finished product is fuzzy (if that makes sense).  I didn’t feel the same positives about the Bernat Premium. I found it split too easy, and it got caught lots when I had to frog. It is very soft though, and works up nice. My hands were not excessively raw at the end of this project, and I worked on it almost all day for three days. This is good because it means it’s not rough enough to chafe my hands, and I was out of hand cream.

I learned a lot while working on this project. I came to understand a bit more about changing colors, not only at the end of the row, but the middle as well. I also learned that its hard for me to keep gauge. I like to crochet tighter, but after a while I loosen up and have to redo some spots. It was quite frustrating but I eventually got the hang of it.



The Block Stitch

All terms used here are US/Canada

Terms used for this tutorial:

sc = Single Crochet

dc = double crochet

ch = chain

sk = skip

sp = space

st= stitch

rpt = repeat actions between * and *

You will need:

  • Your favorite crochet hook
  • 1 or 2 colors of yarn (if you want to change colors)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)

I am using:

5.5mm hook

Bernat cotton in Purple & White

Please forgive the shotty pictures!


Make chain in a multiple of 3+1: [I did 24+1 = ch25]

Make a chain in a multiple of 3+1. I chained 24+1

1 . Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch



2 . *ch 2, sk 2, sc 1* rpt to end, sc in last ch (if you are changing colors, do it here)

Row 1

3. ch3 (turn), *dc 3 into ch2 sp* rpt, dc in last sc * (change colors here)

row 2

4 . ch 1 (turn), sc in first st, sc in space, *ch 2, sk 3 dc, ch1 in sp* rpt, 1 sc in final st (change colors here)

Row 2

5. Have fun, make as many rows as you like, make it bigger, or smaller. However you choose, you are the creator!


Thanks for reading my tutorial. This is only the second one I have done. I hope it was easy enough to follow. I will get better!


Thank you all for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed your time here!

As always,

Happy Crocheting!

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45/150: Calgary Expo 2018


Well Calgary Expo came and went this year. I started my dress, but it is still not finished. So I guess I wear it next year. I will still share my progress with you.

Nothing went as planned. I didn’t get a chance to purchase autographs/photo ops. But I managed to get a look at all the celebrities. It was my favorite building, not because of the stars, but because it was the only room with air conditioning!

Vaporeon Lady
Vaporeon Lady. Loved this costume! Saw some other Eeveelutions but I didn’t snap their pics

We didn’t get much swag. I couldn’t find anything I wanted, even though at the end I walked by a cute Eevee purse I wish I would have bought. But in the end we got a board game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, a Zelda: Breath of the Wild t-shirt and my hubby even bought a horse mask (don’t ask… but it’s freaking hilarious). We also bought some local honey, and yum is it delicious! It came with lip balm and hand cream. I have a feeling me and hubby will be fighting over the hand cream – I guess we should have bought two!

Watched a game of Quidditch while we took a break

I still got some pics, saw some cool costumes and got to see what everyone else was making! I figure I could rent a booth next year or the year after and sell stuff at very competitve prices. The price of admission was a bit extravgant. $55CAD each for me and my hubby. Only $10 for my son. You get nothing with admission and I felt cheated by that. We spent around $300, and for $400 I could rent a booth, get 2 free passes and make money while I enjoy the show. Overall, I feel vending is a wise choice and I look forward to creating projects to sell at this and other events.

When we got through the gates, we were greeted by the food court. The indoor cafeteria had a bunch of chain stores but we opted for food trucks because the food is just so much better, and local. Even if the price is higher. We shared a gingerbeef poutine (can’t get much more Canadian then that!) and it was surprisingly delightful.

SCA demo

They had the local chapter of the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) holding a demonstration. My son just loved it. They allow kids age 6+ to drop in and spar for a small fee, as long as the parents are there. I  think he could be very good at it, especially since he loves Zelda, knights and swords. He spent most of the day looking for people who were dressed as Link. Next year he wants to dress up as Link. (I think thats my cue to finish his tunic!)

It was a very long day. We got there at Noon and left when it shut down at 7pm. I wish I had got more pictures. There were so many costumes I wish I would have snapped a pic of and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was by far the hottest day of the year (30*C) and I was wearing jeans, a jacket and a corset. I’m glad we went yesterday though, because today it is cold, wet and raining. It was a super awesome family day out, though. I look forward to more Cons and more fun!


Catcha next year at Calgary Expo 2019!



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44/150: WIP Wednesday


Well, here we are, post 44 of 150. I thought I’d be done 150 by now. Unfortunately, I ended up moving to Alberta in November, so life happened. I want to be done 150 by July 1. Let’s see if I can do it! (The amount of posts left is more then the amount of time left!)

So we will begin with WIP Wednesday. I’ve been busy finishing off projects, and showing off my WIPs already. However, I have started a few projects this week. I’m creating my own patterns, simply by “winging it”. I plan on sharing these patterns with you when they are complete and written out.

I recently purchased a huge stash of yarn on Kijiji. I have been wondering what to do with most of it. I got a huge selection of purple cotton yarn, and have had no idea what to make. I made a few doilies, nothing else. Yesterday, I decided to make something for me. So I started a crop top. If I had some in red and black I would definitely be doing a Star Trek themed item!

Crop Top

Sorry the picture is so blurry, I don’t have a very good camera on my phone. I plan on purchasing a nice camera when funds are available.


Cal Expo 2018

Another blurry photo, sorry….

My other project is my dress for Calgary Expo this year. I cut out the pattern pieces this morning and now I need to make a trip to the fabric store and get more fabric. I ‘m just using the cheap costume fabric from Michael’s. I’m not experienced enough to spend a ton of money at an actual fabric store. (Fabricland up here is soooo expensive).


I’m going to be doing the black dress in red and black for Star Trek theme! I’m excited to get going. The top part will be black and the rest will be red. I plan on making the other one in Star Trek theme as well, a blue and black version. I plan on sharing the whole process with you guys, so look forward to that post!

That’s all for this week’s WIPs. I have a few ideas but they aren’t in progress yet. I’m going to be starting my son’s Legend of Zelda Tunic. I found a crochet pattern I may be able to modify to his size. Seems simple enough.

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week, which means we’re halfway to the weekend!


Happy Crocheting!


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43/150: Easter Monday Shenanigans


Happy Easter! I hope your holiday weekend was as fun-filled as mine! By fun, I mean crocheting to my heart’s content.  I did some baking and even have the oven heating as I write. With all these holidays and my husband’s new job, it’s been nuts around here. My day starts before everyone’s and ends after everyone’s. Spring break is officially over and my kid goes back to school tomorrow, which means no more sleeping in on my husband’s days off. My oldest also turns 14 tomorrow. I miss him dearly and I wish I could be there for him. I’m finishing off a back logged project to send him.

Bob Basket

I finished the Bob the Tomato basket for my son. He wanted one bigger then last year’s, so I got to work. The finished product looks pretty good. He also wanted one with a harder bottom. So I made 2 circles, and cut a piece of cardboard to size. I crocheted the pieces together, with the cardboard in the centre. sewing would have worked too, but I was feeling ambitious. For the handles, I crocheted over a pipe cleaner and sewed it on the sides. I made 2 leaves for each end and sewed those on last. I desperately wanted to take ‘in progress’ pics but it was so late when I was working on it. For the eyes and nose, I followed the pattern for the amigurumi Bob. His mouth is a chain of 6, sewn on.


It was a lot of work, I almost gave up and tossed it quite a few times. I spent hours on it. On Saturday alone, I watched 5 movies just crocheting the rounds. I finished all his pieces by the end of the 5th movie, but it took me one more movie to sew him together.  I can type up a pattern if anyone wants one, I was planning on something similar for my Patreon. I’m proud of how it turned out.



I finally sewed Batman together. You lucky followers get a sneak peak before I launch my Patreon. I have to work out the kinks in the pattern and by kinks, I mean decode my handwriting so I can write it out. The trickiest thing was figuring out how to do the Bat logo. I crocheted a yellow oval. Trying to figure out the logo was another thing. I tried needle felting it freehand and I couldn’t do it. So I embroidered the symbol and filled it in with needle felting. I love being super nifty like that. All my skills coming together for that tiny logo. I haven’t measured him yet, but I’d estimate he’s between 8-9 inches tall.


I’m very impressed with the way he turned out, he’s a good height. He can’t stand on his own really, but I’m excited to use the pattern to make more superheroes!

Batmand and Robin
Can’t have Batman without Robin!


That’s everything for today! I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for the support!


Happy crocheting!