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30/150 : Hey Big Spender


I went on a shopping spree this week. Last month, my husband spent 300$ on shoes and another 300$ on computer monitors. Do you know what could buy with that much? So I decided to spend some money on me. I went to and ordered 50$ worth of yarn and spent 20$ on Etsy for fabric. I would like a new coffee maker and perhaps some nice ergonomic crochet hooks. Even then I still don’t think I could match my husband;  I get small things that add up… he does large purchases. I’m stoked to see what I can find for my collection.


startrkI also took my sewing machine to the doctor. It hasn’t been serviced or looked at since I got it, and it is nearly 50 years old. Holy cow was that thing heavy! I had to take it out of the table and carry it to the car. Even after service it will only be an extra 100$. So I have quite a bit of spending left to do if I wanna catch up to my husband. Except I’ll have more then 2 monitors and 2 pairs of shoes. Maybe in a few months I will fork out that kind of money for a new sewing machine? I have challenged myself to make/sell that dollar equivalent to a sewing machine – I better get started!



When my sewing machine comes home, I will be making PJ pants for my son. He picked out Legend of Zelda. I am waiting on the fabric to come in, so I want to work on the pattern. I have a stack of store bought patterns and would you believe I have not one for PJ pants? The solution is simple: some craft/brown wrapping paper and trace a pair of his current pj pants. I will make them bigger of course. Maybe while I’m at it I can sew his tunic! Hopefully I get around to it all before Christmas.


knightasWith halloween just around the corner and my first year with a full stash of DIY ingredients. My son wants to be a Nexo Knight. I have a few patterns for armor and helmets. I am going to take a broken plastic shield and make a cover with fabric or crochet. I would like to make myself a costume but I doubt I’ll get around to that this year.




Update: Just as I was posting this, the sewing machine repair shop called. She’s done. She cannot be fixed, but he offered a deal on a new one 😉

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29/150: Just Peachy!

img src: aloha organic fruit

I am probably the only person I now that does not like peaches. The prospect is delicious, but they always end up tasting like feet to me. Recently I found a jar of peach jam my grandmother canned. I won’t eat it alone or with toast – but I remembered a trick momma used to do: throw it in a biscuit. So today we made baking powder biscuits with Peach jam. They took me less than 20 mins to throw together and are out of the oven in less then 20 minutes.


First, I popped open my can of jam. Then I mixed flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon in a bowl. I added brown sugar and whisked the ingredients together. Add cubed butter and mix with a pastry blender or 2 forks.



Mix together milk and jam, add to dry ingredients 1/3 at a time.



Scoop onto prepped cookie sheet: approx 1/4 cup size each.



Bake at 400*F for 18 minutes.



Peach Jam Biscuits

Preheat oven to 400*F

2 cups flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

6 tbsp butter, cubed

1/3 cup peach jam

1/3 cup milk


  1. Mix flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and brown sugar. 
  2. Add butter, mix with pastry blender or 2 forks
  3. Whisk milk and jam together, Add in 3 parts until evenly blended .
  4. Scoop onto cookie sheet in 1/4 cup portions
  5. Bake at 400*F for 18 min (approx 15-20 minutes depending on your oven)
  6. Serve warm with butter!


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28/150: Prospects

Since my hands are on the mend and I can’t comfortably crochet, I’ve decided to devise a list of 5 projects I hope to accomplish by the new year.

1.  Jolteon

img src: aphid777.deviantart

Jolteon and Glaceon are my favorite Eeveelutions. I have yet to make either of them, due to lack of needed colors in my stash (and at the local Walmart). There are a few patterns I have found.


img src: deviantart

2. Charizard

This has got to be my all time favorite pokemon. He carried me throught he first 3 gameboy games. This is a pattern for mega charizard Y.



3. Something for myself

This is unclear. I would like a top or a skirt. I have a few patterns I am anxious to try. Maybe a corset tank top, a scarf and gloves set; I desperately need a headscarf or headband to tame my hair. Maybe a a nice warm poncho to curl up with.




4. Ninjago winter set


img src: Pinterest

My 8 year old is very excited about the release of the Ninjago movie this weekend. He got invited to a party at the movie theater. This project is a surprise for him, the sooner it is done, the better.


5. Ninjago Kai doll

Lego Doll
img src: littlehouseincolorado


Inspired by this lego guy pattern, I felt the need to make a Ninjago doll. I would like to make all of them, I think my son would really like that.


6. Household items

This is actually something I should be right on. I am slowly running out of dish cloths and pot holders. I could benefit from a few coasters and table runners around the house.  I would love to play more with Crochet Thread. I have an enormous collection I hope to utilize for household items, jewlery/crafts and some clothing items.

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27/150: Back to Basics

5 Alternatives to the Boring Sandwich!


Like every kid, my son is fussy about his lunch. I hate packing sandwiches, especially since he is in a nut free school and he would live off Nutella. I hate making sandwiches everyday, and I like sending different things (because I love baking!). This is  list of alternatives to the boring sandwich. I will make a post of 5 homemade nut free snacks next!


1: Homemade Cheddar Biscuits 


I love baking powder biscuits. Quick, easy, no rolling and they go great with my coffee. I make baking powder biscuits a lot in the winter for soups and snacks, they are even good for sandwiches if you make ’em big enough.  I like to throw chopped up ham in there for an extra food group. Along with the biscuit, I pack a juice box (his favorite is apple), a Yogurt tube, a sweet snack (homemade cookies) and once in a while he gets a second healthy treat.


2. Homemade Pita Pizzas

Pita Pizza

This one is a favorite among everyone. Pitas, pizza sauce, cheese and toppings of your choice. Can be made the night before and thrown in cold, or heated fresh on the morning (just make sure you let it cool off before packing it!)


3. Chicken fingers


Sometimes I get lazy (or ambitious, depends who you are in the morning) and I buy frozen chicken strips and throw ’em in the oven in the morning. 20 mins and they’re ready. In that time, I wake my kid up, pack the rest of his lunch, make his breakfast and  dress him. I usually throw in a container of ranch for him to dip and Voila, no labor. Sometimes, I make him a chicken burger instead, but the method is the same.


4. Egg salad Wrap

Egg wrap
IMG SRC: WrapStar

My son loves scrambled eggs. So this morning I got ambitious and made egg salad. I realized I have no bread but I do have tortillas. I add some red peppers, celery, green onions, salt pepper and a dash of paprika. I even fried up bacon and threw it in there. Bacon and eggs for lunch? Heck ya!


5.  Croissant-wich

IMG SRC: backinskinnyjeans

Ok, so this one is sort of a sandwich. My kid loves cheese croissants, so I decided to stop sending them alone and start making them into sandwiches. I like to bake my own, but in this case, they were a pack of 12 mini croissants. I slathered on some sauce (mayo), some roast chicken breast and a leaf of lettuce. My son is fussy, but he always tries to eat it all.


That’s it: 5 alternatives to the boring classic sandwich. I hope you enjoyed this list. I will be taking my own pictures soon, I need to invest in a camera that isn’t attached to my cell phone!


End note:


Apologies for not posting in long while. I got a really bad reaction to some yarn and my hands are completely inflamed. I am waiting on a visit to the doctor for some relief cream. Until then, I’m going to work on other projects. Hopefully dig out my sewing machine and finish those projects. 




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26/150: Back to School


Back to school season! My little guy is going into grade one, he is so excited. I’m excited to finally get a break. More crocheting, more baking, more blogging. Just all around more relaxation. Less coffee- I don’t think so. He did very well with his first week back. Have I accomplished much? Not really, still sinking in that I don’t have a kid here all day. My husband will be working more, so I will have more time to work on my projects.



I got a new blender last week. The Ninja brand. It was a 80$ blender on sale for 50$. I have been wanting a Ninja set and this one is even better then the one I wanted. This thing whips up a smoothie in 30 seconds and cleans so easy. Those blades. Sharp.

Fruits Ahoy!


I love fruits and vegetables, so in celebration of this amazing blender I want to share a basic smoothie recipe with you. They are great for breakfast, lunch, snack, on the go and my personal fave: detoxing.

Note: These are approximate portions. If it is to thick, ad a little bit of juice at a time till desitred thickness. If too runny, add ice or another scoop of frozen yogurt.

fruit smoothie
Img Src:

Fruit Smoothie

6 oz fruit punch or berry punch

2 tbsp frozen mangos

2 tbsp frozen strawberries

1 tbsp Frozen Pineapples

1/2 banana

1 (heaping) tbsp frozen yogurt (your choice! try Vanilla or Triple Berry)

Throw all ingredients in blender. Blend til smooth. Serve. Enjoy. Feel free to mix it up. add blueberries, raspberries, kale, spinach. Feel free to substitute Juice for milk, almond milk or coconut milk. 



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25/150: Strawberry Cream Tarts

Strawberries & Cream


Yum Yum Yum. My favorite dessert has got to be strawberries and cream. As long as I have whipping cream and strawberries in the house, I can make a bang on dessert. My usual route is vanilla cupcakes but last night I got adventurous.

I purchased these small tart shells a while back. I left them in the freezer, until last night. I decided to use them for a quick easy dessert.


I pulled out the whipping cream and added a tbsp vanilla and a tbsp white sugar then mixed it up. I let it set in the fridge while I tended to my presliced, thawed strawberries.


I added some sugar and honey, then I put them in the fridge to set while I baked my empty tart shells. When the sells were cooked, I let them cool for a while (15-30 mins) then filled them: one scoop whip cream, one scoop strawberries, one scoop whip cream, one scoop strawberries.


You may fill them however you like, and use whatever fruit you choose. Try using fresh fruit!

I hope you enjoy this treat as much as I do! It works up quick, and is made with relatively healthy ingredients.

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24/150: Coffee, Crochet & Captain Janeway

Coffee & Captain Janeway


In case you don’t know, Captain Janeway is the lead character on the show Star Trek: Voyager. It aired during my formative years, 1995-2001.  My dad was a huge Star Trek fan. We watched all the TV series and movies. Recently, my husband and I began to re-watch Voyager. I really admire Captain Janeway; and she loves coffee almost as much as I do. I love everything this woman says, and she always stands up for herself and her crew. There are not many lead female characters these days with her kind of integrity. I admire her for this. It is my evening ritual (after dinner is cleaned up) to sit down, turn on Voyager and crochet (is this still the 90’s?). In my old age I’ll be crocheting and wondering why it always makes me think of Star Trek.


Messy Bun Hat, in progress

Back to my coffee and the matter at hand. I started a Messy Bun hat. I used Red Heart Camo Wool and Red Heart Comfort magenta for the outlines. I followed the idea of this pattern, but used a smaller hook.



I’ve started a similar project with multi-colours. I am going to make some gloves to go with them. I will try to type up the actual pattern I’m using so you guys can participate too. Hopefully I can sell a few this winter, both locally and online. I am not overly confident in my skills. So making stuff for anyone other than my kids is nerve racking. I’m focusing on building a collection of merchandise. I’ve also began working on an online store. I will link it when it’s done.

Messy Bun Hat
Looks Great!


Gardening Update!



My flower is still growing. It’s been struggling with the heat and the smoke. There has been no measurable rainfall for almost 3 months. Despite all that, my flower is pulling through and growing a third stalk. It is almost time to transplant to a larger pot.



Apologies for the short and scarce posts. I’m actually working on many projects right now. Most of them are 75% finished, I plan on finishing them up as I finish up Season 4 of Voyager.  School resumes on Wednesday so I may have more time during the week, if I choose not to waste it.